Richard Alexander

Richard Alexander who was born in Havana, Cuba, is not only an artist who has a sensitive eye for fine art but a fine artist himself; he is also quite good when seeking for the best in the art field.

This artist has an apparently casual style of painting that shows us a rebellious spirit trying to liberate his inner self from something only he could explain. Whatever his struggles, they seem to help him to see other people’s as well; therefore when observing his interesting works they can lead us to face our own problems as well.

His techique is impecable, result of long time experimentation work as a painter. However, to paint could be painful for an artist with a high standard judgement on fine art; so we can find him painting over a canvas we thought it was already wonderful.

His way to release from these intense painting moments it is to take his camera and go outdoors.

Some of Richard Alexander photos are of a turmoil or static order no matter if conceptually from a society or an individual. They are really amazing photos that give us, from a psychological perception, an exact idea of the world we are living in. They are images which challenge us to define what or where we are; images that pretend to focus the observer to understand its esence.

He is member of Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques (AIAP) from UNESCO. His works has been exhibited in United States, Spain, Polonia, Peru and Cuba.

written by Mercedes Soca
articles at magazines as CubaNow, Coloquio de los Perros, The Friends, Canadian Friends, etc.